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General dentistry
  • Cleaning ( Full cleaning with the gentle hand of DR. Manoel, she will hand scale to remove all plaque and calculus for teeth. Then after she will soft polishing and floss at the end of cleaning. before leaving you would receive and take home hygiene pack to help you continue having at great smile after appointment with our office.
  • Fillings/Bonding (composite white filling)
  • Crowns ( A protective coating, or cap to save the tooth that has been damage or has deep decay)
  • Bridge ( is an bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. Its made up of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side)
  • Denture/partial ( an impression mold of your teeth before and extraction. then synthetic teeth are added to synthetic gums. Comes out looking very beautiful and natural.
  • Root canal ( When the tooth has a deep cavity or infection. we clean out pulp chamber of infected root and fill it with material. Crown would be added at the end of treatment)
Cosmetic dentistry
  • Teeth Whitening ( Using an bleaching agent with laser for an nice white smile. followed by an take home whitening kit with your own custom tray to continue your beautiful smile at home. All for an great price)
  • Porcelain veneers ( Helps improve your smile if have misshapen teeth, color issues, crooked smile, worn teeth, large gapes between teeth and or tooth length discrepancies Veneers are for you)
  • Bonding ( Bonding is an simple way to help fix small problems in the mouth. Bonding is an white thick coat used with an light cure to keep hold and shine. Bonding helps with chips. cracks, and irregular spacing in the teeth)
  • Dental Implants ( when having any missing teeth and good oral and overall health you are an candidate for Dental Implants. They are natural looking, long lasting, not high maintenance feels and functions like natural teeth.
Oral Surgery
  • Extraction ( removal of the teeth) simple extraction, impacted wisdom teeth and none impacted wisdom teeth. will also send patients with take home instructions to make sure that they are comfortable after leaving our care.

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Is it possible to love going to the dentist??
Cause I sure do! I hadn’t been to the dentist for almost 5 years and I was a bit nervous but Dr. Manoel put me right at ease. I love that she walks you through each procedure so that you have nothing to be scared about, knowledge is power as they say.

-Mary D.